Building Facades

"We Look After The Protection of Your Surfaces"

Nanocoatings for building facades are intelligent coatings which provide highest protection against damages induced from water, dirt and heat with the lowest cost 
Our Researchers have achieved an interesting success in the protection of all types of  building facades using Nano-based coatings. Nanotechnology introduce changes in the chemical and physical characteristics of building materials and provide permanent hydrophobic and oleophbic properties. We offer you a fresh- looking and clean facades only by using nano-based coating make the surfaces always look clean due to its easy-to-clean properties 

Product List


Protective Nano-Coating for Glass

GlassShield forms a protective water-, oil- and dirt-repellent layer on mineral glass surfaces.  The systems actively

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Protective Nano-Coating for Mineral Surfaces

StoneShield for mineral surfaces offer outstanding protection and easy-to-clean properties for substrate surfaces inside and

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Protective Nano-Coating

Anti-Graffiti, the Sol-Gel based, chemical nanotechnology 2 component coating cures at ambient temperature and can

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Anti-Graffiti Concrete

Permanent Coating System for concrete

Our Anti-Graffiti concrete protects concrete surfaces permanently thanks to covalent bonding. The coating permanently prevents

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Permanent Coating System for Aluminum

AlumShield,our Permanent Coating System for Metal is designed to protect and maintain metal surfaces. The

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Protective Nano-Coating for Wood

WoodShield protects almost every type of wood and cork against water, dirt and moss formation. The

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