Construction Materials

Construction Materials today is a significant part of industrial culture, a manifestation of its diversity and complexity and a measure of its mastery of natural forces, which can produce a widely varied built environment to serve the diverse needs of society.
Construction chemicals industry plays a role similar to a doctor by providing solutions to civil engineers to build healthy and long lasting structures which can last for years without any risk and fear.
With the increase in demand for bigger, higher, stronger and safer structures in various environmental conditions, NanoShield offers a wide range of Nano-based construction chemicals that provides the highest qualities and helps in fulfilling the futur challenges.

Product List

R-Composit Radon

Anti-radon Coating

R-COMPOSIT RADON are developed specially to protect against dangerous effect of a radioactive gas radon, against any

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Concentrated Nano-impregnation

NANO-FIX™ is a unique fine-dispersed nano-penetrating material based on specific composition of acrylic resins with

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Nano-Fix Primer

Primer of Wide Range

Nano-Fix Primer is used to provide adhesion to plastic, colouring metal surfaces and also to

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High-Quality roof coating R-COMPOSIT

R-COMPOSIT is a unique polymeric composition for waterproofing of any surface. In appearance it represents

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Nano-Fix Medic

Fighting Against Mold

Nano-Fix Medic is a modern and highly effective means for fighting against mold and preventing

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Nano-Fix Anticor

Rust inhibitive primer

NANO-FIX "Anticor" consists of nanoscaled silica sol and alumina sol (boehmite). An additive of nanoscaled

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S-Composit Standard

Polyurethane one-component thin-film coat

This is the line of protective coat of multi purposes. The coats protect coated surfaces

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S-Composit Carbon

Polyurethane thin-film coat

Polyurethane composition based on aliphatic polyisocyanate and polyol in organic solution that consists of hydrophobic

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S-Composit Crystal

Polyurethane thin-film coat

Polyurethane two-component thin layer coat to apply protective and decorative coat to concrete surfaces, engineering

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S-Composit Zinc

Polyurethane thin-film coat

Polyurethane composition based on aliphatic polyisocyanate and polyol in organic solution, strengthened by air moisture,

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S-Composit Top Coat

Polyurethane two-component coating.

Two-component gloss polyurethane enamel with hardening compound based on aliphatic isocyanate. Apply as a finishing

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Intumescent fire retardant coating with Nanoparticles

Fire - retardant coating Re-Flame is a highly efficient fire-retardant paint that prevents deformation of

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Extra-fine liquid insulation

Extra-fine liquid thermal insulation is thermal insulation of the latest generation. An operating principle of

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