Nano Masterbatch

Nano Masterbatches are wide range of nano-based additives that can be incorporated into different types of products that helps in improving products characteristics.
NanoShield offers Nano Masterbatches based on Organosilane chemistry for 2 sectors:

  1. Masterbatch For Road Solutions
RoadShield Masterbatch is a water soluble, easy to apply, nanotechnology based organosilane. it is UV and heat stable reactive soil modifier stabilize and waterproof soil subgrade. it is a green technology enabling the use of small amounts of aggregates.
RoadShield is safe chemistry and non-leachable, works with all type of soils and makes it imprevious to water.

It reacts permenantely with soil surface, chemically convert water absorbing silanol groups to water resistanl alkyl siloxane surfaces at room temperature.

  • 100% organosilane, water-soluble, reactive soil modifier
  • Reduces water permeability of soil bases whilest maintaining 100% vapour permeability
  • Forms a breathable waterproofed stone base layer
  • Maintains frictional values between silt, sand, clay particles leading to retention of strength and resistance to deformation
  • Maintains dry CBR in wet conditions
Application Areas:
  • Paved roads - Asphalt and Concrete pavements
  • Unsealed roads - Rural, Quarries/Mines, Waste sites and Gas fields etc.
  • Landfills/Construction sites, Ponds, Canals, Leeves (Bunds) etc.
  • Solar farms and Reclamations
         2. Masterbatch for Construction Materials

BuildingShield Masterbatch is 100% organosilane, eco friendly and water soluble. it is reactive waterproofing with penetration up to 2 mm into concrete pores/cementitious surfaces offering 360 degree envelope and creates an impervious monolithic membrane to eliminate seepages.

  • Chemically reactive, water soluble, breathable Nanotechnology
  • Forms Si-O-Si Siloxane bond by nano siliconization of surfaces
  • Makes soil layer (25-50 mm) impervious to water to prevent capillary rise.
  • UV and Heat stable.
Application Areas:
  • Basements
  • Elevator pits
  • Podiums and Balconies
  • Utility areas
  • Terraces
  • Overhead tanks
  • Swimming Pools/STP etc.

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