A nanometer "nm" is one billionth of a meter. The prefix “nano” means “one billionth”, or 10-9, in the international system for units of weights and measure. Nanotechnology is a key technology of the twenty-first century and will find its way into many areas of life. 
Our coating are water based and does not contain any toxic ingredients. Our products are EPA (Environment Protection Agency) certified,they are 100 % Eco-Friendly.
Nano-Coatings bind with high covalent bond to the surface to provide you with the advanced properties  including  water and dirt repellent,UV resistance, easy to clean effect and anti-microbial protection.
No, there are no odours caused by our coatings
NO,the coating is extremely UV stable and won't change colour
The thickness of our coatings is approximately 100 nm (can't be seen by naked eye) , and it does not affect the appearance on the surfaces.
You can use our coatings for both indoor and outdoor application.
HVLP (High Volume low pressure ) sprayer is sprayer used for the application of naocoating. One special advantage in comparison with other spray techniques (e.g. Airless) is the significantly lower product loss by overspray.