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Nanotechnology coatings is a fast growing field for ultrasonic spray technology.Ultrasonic nozzles are ideally suited to settling down nanotechnology coatings containing functional nanoparticles.
Ultrasonic spray technology is used for depositing nanolayer thickness uniform coatings across any width substrate. The ability to create these very thin coatings with high uniformity, even across very wide widths, makes ultrasonic spray technology uniquely suited to many precision nanotechnology spray applications.

Ultrasonic Textile Coating System Benefits:

  • Easily retrofits into existing systems
  • Precise, repeatable, controlled deposition coatings
  • Very small, atomized droplets with uniform particle sizes create uniform nanolayer films
  • Non-clogging ultrasonic nozzles reduce downtime for maintenance
  • Dramatic savings in spray material, water and energy usage
  • Soft atomized spray with very little bounceback provides a very efficient coating process, 
    unlike pressure spray or dipping methods