Our nanocoating are based on hydrophobic lotus effect.hydrophobic nano-particles are smaller than the pores of the substrate. Due to this  they penetrate deep into the material , rendering the substrate hydrophobic. External water is kept from entering the pores, while water vapor generated from within the structure can still escape

When the droplet forms a sphere that barely touches the surface , the contact angle is more than 90 degrees, in this case  the surface is called  hydrophobic " water-fearing."
Our nano-based coatings provide the surface with dirt and water repellent properties  just by covering the surfaces with very thin layer approximately 50-100 nm

Nano coatings reduce the cleaning efforts and sustainably protect the surface from contami­nation, ageing and aggressive environmental influences.
Nanoshield products with hydrophobic functions are available for many surfaces, including glass, metal, wood, plastic, mineral undercoats, textiles and leather