R-Composit Radon

Anti-radon Coating


  • Protection of buildings against penetration of radioactive gas radon.
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Convenient for applying on surfaces of complicated geometric forms and/or with lots of service lines
  • The materials R-COMPOSIT RADON do not sustain combustion and they are applied without use of open flame and organic solvents, therefore they can be applied on fire-hazard facilities as well.
  • Water-proof
  • Resistant to external effects.
  • Resistant to humidity, UV-radiation and drops of temperatures,
  • Do not change their properties in the range of temperatures from -30С to +100С,
  • Low thermal conductivity,
  • High resistance to many chemical and biological environments,
  • Possess a guaranteed wearing capacity,
  • High durability(over 15 years).
  • Do not contain toxic components

Applications Area

  • Protection of screeds of floors, foundations and slabs of basements and semi-basement floors of buildings
  • Hermetic sealing of joints and seams between the elements of enclosure structures of buildings.
  • Hermetic sealing of cracks and hollows in enclosure structures of buildings.
  • Hermetic sealing of openings for laying of service lines in a subsurface part of a building and in basement slabs
  • On various surfaces like: 
                            Concrete screed
                            Foundation blocks and slabs
                            Any stucco
                            Gypsum fiber board
                            Fiber board
                            Particle board