Concentrated Nano-impregnation


  • Has excellent permeability in porous materials, aligns absorption capacity of porous surfaces;
  • Provides dedusting, increases surface strength and durability of concrete, cement, plaster, stone and wooden bases before applying adhesives, paints and other coatings;
  • Increases adhesion between different materials, reduces absorption of surfaces, thus significantly reduces the amount of adhesives, paints and other materials during application;
  • Can be used outdoors to strengthen and protect concrete, cement, natural stone and wood surfaces from deterioration caused by UF-rays, atmospheric precipitation and temperature changes;
  • Increases the service life of surfaces;
  • Retains vapor permeability of surfaces
  • Compatible with plaster, putty and paint.
  • For reduction of the expenditure of paste fillers , glues and paints
  • It does not contain toxic components and chemical solvents
  • Increases service life, durability and flexibility of the processed surface.
  • It has a slight neutral smell which disappears after full drying of a material

Applications Area

  • Bonded screeds
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Any other elements of buildings
  • Constructions and architectural forms out of concrete, foam- and gas-concrete
  • Cement, plaster
  • Gypsum cardboard
  • Brick
  • Natural stone
  • Other mineral materials