S-Composit Crystal

Polyurethane thin-film coat


  • Increased wearproof, the coat resistance to chemical effects
  • Protect metal constructions against atmospheric exposure and mechanical effects
  • De-dusting of concrete
  • Ease of use and application
  • Create a plate, gloss surface
  • Strengthen concrete base including bases of low-grade concrete
  • Applying at a temperature of - 20°C
  • Quick-curing and start for use

Applications Area

Protection for concrete surfaces
  • Production premises (shop floors, wharehouse, sheds, terminals), in all industrial fields;
  • Garage, multistorey car park;
  • Car wash, car service;
  • Buildings intended for public use and office buildings;
  • Buildings and constructions intended for agricultural use – poultry enterprises, hachers.
  • Cowsheds, pig farms.
  • Monuments, historical objects.
Protection for metal surfaces:
  • external surfaces of storage tanks for oil and oil products (as a top coat in the rust-preventative system)
  • hydro- technical constructions, bridges
Applying protective and decorative coat «S-COMPOSIT CRYSTAL» on the following surfaces:
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Sand cement screed
  • Wood
  • Ceramic and sand-lime bricks
  • Cement-shaving slab
  • Gypsum plasterboard
  • Table slate
  • Faux and natural stone