Extra-fine liquid insulation


  • 1 mm of Re-Therm = 50 mm of conventional insulators
  • It can be applied on the surfaces of any forms and structures (bonding plaster, metal, concrete, brick, plastics and even glass).
  • It works within a range of temperatures from -60С to +250С.
  • Re-Therm represents thermal coatings, completely substituted for the insulators being applied at the present time.
  • Re-Therm represents a liquid suspension, being ready for application, which after application forms a polymer coating with unique heat-insulating and waterproof properties on the surface
  • Re-Therm coatings are quite flexible, highly adhesive, resistant to impact of many chemical substances, resistant to long-term dynamic loads, drops in temperature and humidity, provide protection from corrosion.
  • Averts frost penetration and formation of condensate and mold.
  • Re-Therm liquid thermal insulation allows to reduce heat losses considerably, to avert formation of condensate, to provide safety of personnel near high-temperature equipment.

Applications Area

1. Enclosing structures of buildings and facilities including:
  • Building fronts, foundations, roofs, coverings, frame collars of constructive elements
  • Inter-panel joints
  • Auxiliary and basement premises
  • Mansards, loggia and balconies
  • Window and door slopes
  • Wall niches for heating radiators
2. Cold and hot water supply including:
  • Pipelines, sections, equipment and units of heating network and heating systems
  • Technological pipelines, bolts and stop valves
  • Major pipelines
  • Technological equipment of high/low temperatures
  • Air ducts and gas ducts
  • Conditioning systems
  • Supporting structures
3. Ship hulls, vehicle bodies of various assignation, insulated vans and refrigerator vans (wagons), machine components and on-board equipment

4.  Reservoirs and depots, Various technological elements